Teleseen Rock Gym


  • Brand : Teleseen
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Starting from Rs.23,187.67

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Starting from Rs.11,593.83

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Starting from Rs.5,796.92

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Pay in 24 months

Starting from Rs.2,898.46

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Teleseen Rock Gym from Softlogic helps you to make your home gym with ease. This is the perfect exercise machine to improve your Fitness, Health and Well-being. Now available at the best price with attractive INTEREST FREE & easy payment plans on leading credit cards.

  • Works your abs and more
  • Massages & supports your back
  • Safe for every fitness level
  • Folds for easy storage
6 IN 1 Work Out Machine Specialy Target For Your Abs:
  • Works Your Abs and More!
  • Massages & Supports Your Back
  • Safe For Every Fitness Level
  • Sculpt Your Mid-Section
  • Simple, Effective, & Fun!
  • Folds For Easy Storage
  • Designed to put you in the perfect crunch position every time
  • Adds resistance both going down & coming up, sculpting & defining your midsection
  • Provides support & helps reduce lower back pain for an amazingly comfortable workout
  • Allows you to complete more reps & get rock hard abs faster than ever!