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Green Line connects some of the world’s most recognizable companies, providing clients with the benefit of a more efficient operation. We offer one of the most innovative product and service portfolios available to meet client requirements, which simplifies doing business with us even more. We’re taking a multi-brand, multi-channel approach to enhancing the retail experience in the country by enhancing customer preferences, lifestyles, and overall shopping experiences; all of this has been met with great enthusiasm. Green Line’s performance platform will be sustained by responding to evolving customer preferences with a diverse assortment of brands, goods, and special offers in Sri Lanka through the acquisition of several well-known international brands.

About us

We are a team of young generation looking new immerging ways to give solutions to people to resolve their issues. We use the best simple accurate way with modern technology by keeping the best quality. Quality is No. 1 . We, young generation is always looking to introduce the modern trends to the market aginast the old fashion. One who is looking to install comming up technologies and trends, their best selection will be the young teams like us. We do system installations for both new busenesses and existing parties in modern ways and introduce them the best up comming solutions for them.

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Who We Are ?

Sri Lankan No 01 Online Store is a leading IT Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka offering the Customer the best option in Mobiles, Computers, Printers, and all other Business Accessories with an Innovative Product portfolio and unparalleled after-sale services. We are now a well-established business organization with clear directions and goals set in order to take our mother company to a new paradigm. Headed by a very aggressive management team, we are ready to take on new challenges and offer our clients products and services that are best in terms of quality and technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best service provider, who provides the best solution in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We build the platform where consumers can discover and accomplish their requirements and wants at a heights satisfaction level, as fast as they want, with zero bugs.


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