REDMI 20,000mAh fast charger Power Bank

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Product model no:
Battery type:
Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery power:
74 Wh/3.7 V/20,000 mAh
Rated capacity:
12,000 mAh ‘5.1 V/3.6 A’
Input ports:
Output ports:
2 × USB-A
Output parameters:
5 V===2.1 A/9 V===2.1 A/12 V===1.5 A
Output parameters ‘single-port output’:
5.1 V===2.4 A/9 V===Max. 2 A
12 V===Max. 1.5 A
Dual-port output:
Product dimensions:
5.1 V===3.6 A
154 × 73.6 × 27.3 mm