• Prolink Professional II Series (1P/1P) is a single-phase UPS system using microprocessor-controlled true online double conversion technology and it can be used to provide protection for critical loads especially on IT applications
  • High input power factor correction in the system improves efficiency and reduces overall losses
  • Connection Type: 3 x Universal socket (PRO901ES)

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The Professional Series (1P/1P) – Tower is an advanced, affordable on-line double-conversion technology single-phase UPS system. Tower versions are available with 1000VA to 10000VA models and these offer high reliability for workstations, server and network equipment.

The Professional Series is designed with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to protect against power outages, disturbances and spikes. High voltage battery chargers and battery extension assembly is available for the long run time application.

Key Features and Benefits

True Double-Conversion Online UPS

Mircoprocessor control optimizes reliability

Input power factor correction

Output Power Factor 0.80.

Wide input voltage (110V – 300V)

Converter mode available

ECO mode for enegry saving (Only available for 1 – 3 KVA)

Generator compatible

Adjustable battery number only available for 6K and up models

Smart SNMP works well with either USB or RS-232 together

Emergency power off function (EPO) only available for 6K / 10K models

Optional isolation transformer available.