Haylou T15


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Up to 60hr battery life
  • Smart touch control
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Haylou T15 – TWS Bluetooth earbuds based on the latest chipset. These earbuds support the AAC codec. A 6 mm bio-diaphragm reproduces high-quality sound in the entire range of sound frequencies. The independent connection of each earbud to the signal source reduces the likelihood of losing communication and allows you to use the earbuds in turn. A DSP noise reduction system enhances call quality. Game mode with low latency will be very useful for all lovers of dynamic online games.

The Haylou T15 earbuds can last a record 60 hours on a single charge. This is enough to listen to 900 songs or watch 30 films. The charge time is about one and a half hours. You can use the earbuds storage box as a power bank for your phone.

Haylou T15 earbuds are controlled by a light touch using the touch panel. The convenient shape and low weight make them completely imperceptible and invisible when wearing. Earbuds are protected against water and dust, according to industry-standard IPX5.

Pick Up to Use

Gamers Never Wait

Clean control, fast connection. Pick Haylou T15 up from charging case and let them do the rest job.

With Zero Latency and Triple Fast Response Gaming Mode

Falcon is Unstoppable

Do you want to surprise your pals? Just try it! With the triple fast response gaming mode, you can catch every shot and step with no delay. Beat them in your game as fast as you can.

A Record 60 Hours of Battery Life

A Real 2200mAh of Battery Capacity
Coupled with 2200mAh carry case, the Bluetooth BLE 5.0 chipset delivers over 60 hours of playback. It just covers your whole week?s demands for music and drama. It is releasing energy to play!

2 hours of music per day can last up to 1 month.

Carry Case is Your Extra Power Bank

Reverse Charge Phone

Carry case can reverse charge your smartphone. The built-in battery can not only power up earbuds but reverse charge other devices via USB cable. Stay powerful anywhere.

Smart Battery Level Display

Remaining Battery Must be Under Control

Embedded Hall magnetic sensor makes Haylou T15 more cost-effective and convenient to use. Open the case, and you will see the remaining battery via LEDs. Get started to play without worry about power.

Smart touch control

Just Tap Multi-functional Button

Given the susceptible sensor, Haylou T15 allows you to slightly tap the MFB to reach various functions including answer/end call, playing, skip a track. Just tap the button to get what you want. Get less pressure from an operation; take more care of your ears.

3.7g Mini Body & Falcon Structure

It just Couldn?t be Smaller and More Comfortable

Inspired by a falcon, we create such a structure resembling the little creature. In this structure, you can always find balance from every angle. Choose your favorite ear tips and earbuds will be kept in place when you are not. 3.7g mini body offers invisible wearing experience !

Advanced Audio Coding & Bio-diaphragm

Giving Music a Boost
Thanks to AAC and 6mm Bio-diaphragm, Haylou T15 provides HiFi stereo with punchy bass, clear highs and detailed vocals. It fills your demands for every genre of music.