Baseus 20000mAh 15W Bipow Digital Display Power Bank


  • 15W two-way fast charge
  • Support multiple fast charge protocols
  • Dual inputs and three outputs
  • NTC temperature protection
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Baseus Bipow 20000mAh 15W Digital Display Power bank – PPDML-J01

Baseus has designed and manufactured a compact powerbank used to charge various mobile devices. The device comes in a capacity of 20 000 mAh Choose the model that best corresponds to your needs and use it at home, in the office, on trip , also on a plane. Simultaneous charging of two devices and smart distribution of energy make your work with this powerbank much more efficient.


  • Size: 153 x 68,8 x 16,9 mm / 29,5 mm / 41,7 mm
  • Battery: Polymer-lithium
  • Energy flow: above 75%

Major features:

  • Quick and convenient charging of up to two devices at a time
  • Optimal capacity
  • Elegant look
  • Compact size you can keep this gadget on the plane.
  • Compatibility

Modern devices supplied with quick charging systems are compatible with this powerbank. These are for example smartphones by Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, and more precisely: mobile phones, tablets, Apple watches, earphones, consoles, bands.
Simultaneous charging of two devices

You can save time and space by charging two devices at a time. It is possible because the manufacturer has supplied the powerbank with several ports.