12V to 220V 3000W Pure Sine Power Inverter


  • AC 220V and Output frequency: 60Hz
  • 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • Solar System/Solar Panel/Home/Outdoor/RV/Camping
  • True/pure sine wave (<3% THD)

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Name: Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Brand: SoLite TECH

Input voltage: DC 12V

Output Voltage: AC 220V (True)

Output frequency: 60Hz

Lord Power: 3000W

(Maximum Active Surge Rating which is less than 1 second)

Rated power: 1500W

Maximum AC Current per socket:8.33Ampere

Output Waveform: True/pure sine wave (<3% THD)

Efficiency: 90≥%

No Load Current Draw (DC side) <0.6 A



  • RUGGED AND DURABLE: Aluminum alloy housing and high-speed smart cooling fan help reduce heat. Aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection against drops and bumps. Integrated cooling fan to help reduce heat and prevent shortages. (Note: It is normal for the metal shell to heat up when the inverter is working. The inverter uses a built-in fan and metal shell to dissipate heat).
  • [LED green and red working light: When the inverter is working normally, the green LED light works, but in the protection state, the red LED light will be on.
  • LED Voltage Screen Display: The LED display shows the real-time voltage of the battery input, and reminds you to charge the battery according to the low voltage.
  • Wide Applications: Perfect for Christmas gifts, charging TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerants, microwave ovens, and high-power appliances. These can only operate a few 220V loads without interference. It can also be used in cars or solar systems.
  • Solar System with Inverter: Pure sine wave power inverter + battery + solar charge controller + solar panel = one solar system. You get power from solar panels, solar charge controllers help control charging and discharging, batteries help store energy, and power inverters help you use solar energy for AC equipment. This is convenient and useful when there is no power or outdoors.
  • Multiple Protections: Built-in fuse to protect your battery and device, safe charging design, safe charging technology, and cooling fan to prevent car power converter from overheating, under/over voltage charging, overload, short circuit, over-temperature shutdown, and low voltage audible alarm, The newly designed DC terminal provides high current DC input.
  • Car to RV: With our car power inverter, you can use most of the home appliances in your car in the open air, such as watching TV and playing games, giving you the same experience as in the RV.
  • Silent Smart Cooling Fan: Equipped with a silent cooling fan, which automatically runs at different speeds according to the power load (watt) load and temperature to dissipate heat and reduce working noise. The inverter has a built-in temperature sensor. When the temperature exceeds 45℃, the fan will work automatically. When the temperature exceeds 75℃-80℃, the inverter will be shut down.


① Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Converts 12V/24VDC to AC 220V household wall power with continuous 1500W output 3000W surge capability), LED voltage display, high current DC terminals and two LED work lights. (Please ensure that the total rated power of the connected equipment ≤ the continuous power of the inverter).
② Due to the manual measurement method, the measurement size has slightly deviated.
③ Due to the angle and light at the time of the shooting, the measured color may be slightly off. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Included:


1 pair* battery clip

1 cigarette lighter plug